According to the statistics by Back, K. In 2023, the IT industry is ranked as the most potential industry for fully remote jobs. Furthermore, 72% of tech companies have employees working remotely (Velocity Global Report)

Hence, what are the characteristics of the IT industry that allow the significant increase of the remote working trend?

Digital Work Environment

Much of the work in the IT industry is digital and can be accomplished using computers and internet connectivity. This includes tasks like software development, programming, system administration, and data analysis.

Online Collaboration Tools

Remote communication in IT project is supported by collaboration tools that facilitate communication and project management among remote team members. Teams can use tools like Slack for real-time communication, Zoom or Microsoft Teams for video conferencing, and Jira or Trello for project management.

Code Repositories and Version Control

IT professionals often use code repositories and version control systems (e.g., Git) to manage and track changes to code. This allows team members to collaborate on projects seamlessly, regardless of their physical location.

Cloud Computing

The widespread adoption of cloud computing enables IT professionals to access computing resources and development environments remotely. Platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud provide infrastructure and services that can be utilized from anywhere with an internet connection.

Remote System Administration

System administrators use tools like Trello, Jira to remotely access and manage tasks in on-going projects. They can perform updates, troubleshoot issues, and monitor system performance without physically being present in the office.

Global Talent Pool

The IT industry values skills and expertise over geographical location. This allows companies to tap into a global talent pool, hiring the best talent regardless of where they are located. Remote work facilitates collaboration among diverse teams across different time zones. “If you require someone to move to a certain location, you are inherently limiting the talent pool that you’re going to be working with,” Dave Stephenson, Airbnb’s CFO said. (Molla, 2023)

Flexible Scheduling & Results-Oriented Culture

Many IT companies emphasize a results-oriented culture, where the focus is on achieving goals and meeting deadlines rather than tracking hours worked. This flexibility allows professionals to manage their schedules efficiently, accommodating different time zones and personal preferences.

In summary, the increasing trend of remote work has expanded opportunities for outsourcing, fostering a more positive and progressive perspective among people towards utilizing external services and global collaboration. VGGATE capitalizes on the full potential of remote work practices, combining them with our excellent language proficiency and cultural understanding to be a reliable partner for IT outsourcing companies in the landscape of rising remote work and outsourcing trends.


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