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In the dynamic landscape of outsourcing, communication is a vital factor for successful collaboration. At VGGATE, we adhere to seven best practices to ensure effective communication with our clients, fostering strong partnerships and delivering outstanding results.

  1. Tailoring Communication Channels:

At VGGATE we have our proven communication algorithm that you can put into action right away. Understanding that different clients have varied communication preferences, we adapt our channels accordingly. We will guide you to implement effective communication that is suitable for your project if you have lack of experience in communicating with an outsourcing entity.

  1. Regular Presence in Germany:

In our commitment to going the extra mile, we understand that face-to-face interactions can be invaluable. For instance, we regularly meet our customers and partners and potential clients to understand their unique needs and project requirements.

  1. Ensuring Language Proficiency:

All our staff members across offices are proficient in English, and additional language support, including German and Japanese, is available as needed. Besides, regular language training sessions are conducted to continually enhance our employees’ language skills, ensuring clear and concise communication.

  1. Cultural Sensitivity:

Outsourcing involves working with people that not only speak another language and live in a different time zone but who also belong to a different culture. Working in a global environment requires cultural sensitivity. We inform our clients about staff days-off in advance and discuss suitable substitutions, ensuring uninterrupted workflow. Benefit from adverse holidays, we still progress the project without interruption during European holidays

  1. Regular Updates, Progress Reports, and Feedback:

We keep our clients informed about project progress through regular updates and detailed progress reports by utilizing project management tools such as Jira, Confluence, Trello, and MS Project. Besides agreeing on how often to provide reports, daily/weekly meetings with clients are also taken into account to understand their evolving needs and make necessary adjustments to our approach.

  1. Clear Project Documentation:

We prioritize clear and comprehensive project documentation, ensuring that clients have a thorough understanding of timelines, milestones, and deliverables. After each strategic meeting, we send our clients an email with meeting notes listing everything the teams have concluded.

  1. Responsive Customer Support and Issue Resolution:

Our commitment to excellent customer support means that our clients can reach out to us at any time. We believe that prompt responses to queries and concerns contribute to a positive client experience. Just schedule a call with us, we are ready to assist you!

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