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7 best practices for effective outsourcing communication at VGGATE

In the dynamic landscape of outsourcing, communication is a vital factor for successful collaboration. At VGGATE, we adhere to seven best practices to ensure effective communication with our clients, fostering strong partnerships and delivering outstanding results. At VGGATE we have our proven communication algorithm that you can put into action right away. Understanding that different […]


The Evolving Landscape of Workstyles

The integration of technology into the professional sphere, especially in the IT industry, has reshaped traditional working norms. Remote work, once a rare occurrence, surged to 60% during COVID lockdowns, challenging the pre-pandemic norm of less than 5% remote workdays (Nick Bloom/WFHResearch, 2023). Despite the gradual return to physical offices, a new equilibrium has emerged, […]


Exploring Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions: A Comparison of Working Cultures in Germany and Vietnam

I. What is Hofstede’s Cultural Factors? In today’s interconnected world, international workplaces have become increasingly common. As businesses expand globally, professionals find themselves working with colleagues, clients, and partners from diverse cultural backgrounds. This dynamic environment presents both opportunities and challenges. To successfully navigate the international workplace, it’s crucial to grasp the significance of culture […]